Thursday, 23 October 2008

excuse the chins!!



got this from Double or nothing records

Hey Alex..... The KLU/Mongos Splits are finally ready to ship. We had
to have them repressed 3 times thanks to pressing plant errors. We're
getting the final, correct records at the end of this week and they
should begin shipping out starting on monday. You'll get a shipping
confirmation email once your package goes out.

As for the test presses, you cant buy one, but we are inserting a
couple into random preorder packages. good luck!

thanks for the patience. If you have any other questions, just hit me up!

- Pete

Also got my new shoes! :D

Monday, 20 October 2008

Dont be afraid!

other than the tape i recieved the other day this is a real start to my true colors collection!
this little lot i orderd straight from the band and it arrived in under a week and packaged lovely witha free sticker :D
goint to aim on getting one of each of there releases then go from there
only got all teh youthcrew comps because they were there and it was worth getting them to save on postage at least
pressing information is under the photo

True Colors - Focus on the light - Six Feet under - Black /355
True Colors - Perspective - powerd records - 2nd press red/white /425
Youth Crew 08 comp - ft true colors, one voice, fired up etc - white /250
Youth Crew 08 comp - ft true colors, one voice, fired up etc - yellow /250
Youth Crew 08 comp - ft true colors, one voice, fired up etc - clear /250

Saturday, 18 October 2008

falling off the edge

so whilst i was at work today i was listening to the champion last show cd on my iphone and it got to the part when there singer started talking about straight edge and i realised just how right he was.
his speech was basicly about how edge was a LIFEstyle choice and not just a teenage rebellion, and how when these kids break edge they dont just go and have the occasional smoke or teh occasional drink with dinner they go and smoke 40 a day or become drinkers and it got me thinking about frends of mine who broke edge. in no way am i putting my friends down i love them and i respect there choices in life, however it seems that since they broke edge they have become drinkers somewhat and smokers as well! before they became edge i never remember them drinking as much as they seem to do now and its got me worried that they may start needing the stuff to have fun when i know they dont because when they were edge we used to have lots of fun! im also not saying that they never used to drink alot becaue i know they did but only at birthdays and festivals and such not every week.

straight edeg to me is a very big part of my life, im very proud to be edge, i have never drunk but i used to smoke quite heavily so when i quit i had a huge sence of satisfaction and that continues to this day. im not telling every one to go edge because its not for everyone its simply hard for me to understand why people claim then break a year or so later, i claimed when i was a lil older than 16 so i may have been young and " unable to drink anyway" (bollocks if i wanted to drink do drugs or smoke it would have been to easy and i could have donw it daily if i wanted) i have stuck to it! i didnt turn 18 and think " wahey lets go get hammerd lols" im 20 now and in june next year i would have made it past the legendary 21 mark and i plan to keep on going!

Since Alfie was born i havnt been able to hangout as much as i used to and that on top of almost everyone going to uni menas that when i do see my friends it means alot to me and i try to enjoty it as much as i can. im hoping that we dont grow apart and we stay frends but at the moment i am doubtful! i think its part of life that people grow appart, i just didnt think it would happen so soon. i need to make more of an effort to see the friends close to me and try my best to stay in contact with those who have moved away.

rant over sorry if iv offended anyone i didnt mean to v probably missed out stuff but i cant be arsed to look back over this
will add to later if i feel the need!

Friday, 17 October 2008


how fucking good is that!! its our aniversary tomorrow and she gave me £30 to spend on records as well as all these goodies! yumyumyum!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

i see your..



Wednesday, 15 October 2008

well that didnt work just ignore the collection pic here it is again

Saturday, 11 October 2008



so today i got a nice little package thet completes my outbreak collection ( if you dont count tests)
i had one of these before however it turned out to be fake .. and not even a good fake as you can see from the pictures below!
the one with the numbering in the corner is the real one the other is a dirty fake fuck you fake i have a real one now :D
.... if anyone wants a fake let me know

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

not vinyl but fuck you!!

check out the new fucking sex on a stick! pair of Nikes i just orderd
100% custom bitches!!

will take a month to arrive but i want them now!!!


Friday, 3 October 2008

pulling cruel in energy


this was a big one i was waiting for :D
pre orderd this lot from B9 on the 16th of last month
great order! some great bands
not so big in cruel hand but couldnt say i didnt like them without hearing them :P

Crime In Stereo - Selective Wreckage - B9 - Green/200 (one for steve as well)
Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles EP - B9 - Brown/300
Energy - Invasions Of The Mind Gatefold - B9 - Teal/200 (one for steve as well)
Energy - Invasions Of The Mind Gatefold - B9 - Red/Orange/500
Energy - Invasions Of The Mind Gatefold - B9 - Dark Blue/1300
Pulling teeth - Vicious Skin - green w/black swirl /???