Friday, 20 February 2009

Its time to stay ALERT!

long time no update! no prize in guessing why, no money means very few records haha!
So i will try do these few things in the order i recieved them but my memories a bit hazy!

Rotting Out - this is just a life - world wont listen - regular cover, red
now i was certain that i got one of the pre orders for this record but apparently i was a bit late so i ended up with the regular cover dissapointing at first but i later discoverd that the red record i recieved was one of only a handful sent out :D making up or my regular cover!
Fantastic band go check them out now:

Alert are an amazing band from Western Massachusetts. A really good youth crew band that better go on to bring out more tapes/EPs/LPs! because this short tape snt enough to satisfy my hunger
god that sounds cheesy!! its true however a really amazing band and i cant wait to hear more from them!

so verse recently broke up! not that upset abot this as i believe that if an edge band breaks edge they should part ways. got this record in a trade for a cutting pink with knives 5"! nothing to special
Verse - Story of a Free Man - Bridge Nine Records - Clear /300

Debated buying this record for a long time i was going to preorder it then decided not to during all the hassle from the DON release left me a little undecided on each band. to be honest im not that big on the mongoloids just KLU, saying that the mongolids do some great covers of classic KLU songs
Kids Like Us/The Mongoloids - split - Ghetto Josh - preorder pink cover, clear, 126/100

lastly my new mindset shirt! more on this band later when the EP arrives!