Thursday, 10 September 2009


So on sunday evening i went to stay with my Buddy Chris and his friends in Dubin For a few days.
I did this because i needed to get away from this crummy town and everything it reminds me off!
basicly for those who dont knwo Me and the mother of my kid broke up a few weeks ago because she cheated on me and it destroyed me. I wont go into any details but i can say that we are talking for Alfies sake and things are moving on.
So when you live in a small town and are together for 3 years you pretty much end up going every where and doing everything together. As such no matter where i went or what i did everything reminds me off what ive lost and such.
So i asked Chris if i could come stay with him for a few days at short notice being the crucial dude he is, he agreed straight away!
3 weeks later im in Dublin and it felt pretty damn good!
I met Chris through when i posted that i was going to be at the Betrayed show in dublin on my birthday in june! Chris went out of his way to tell me how to get to every record store and even came out of work early to come meet me and hang out! I had the best time that day and it was all with out her so everywhere i went i wasnt reminded all the time!
When i arrived in dublin sunday i met Chris at the airport and we decided to go for a walk down the highway for some reason haha! it was a laugh! we had to run through car parks and over junctions and then back over them! we found a bus stop eventually and made our way into dublin!
Sunday night was cool we just stayed up playing dragon ball z and watching tv!!
Monday was great! i watched hitchhikers guide when i woke up and then headed for Dublin central! did alot of window shopping almost bought some shoes but chickened out almost got a watch but didnt and almost bought some glasses but decided against it! I did get some awesome Japanese food tho!!!!! the biggest tempura EVER! with Udon noodles and dumplings!!
Monday night i met up with Chris and we went to see The Final Destination with Kayliegh his housemate and her brother. Always a sucker for 3d films even if they are cheesy as fook!
Monday night was depressing as we foundout that we didnt save on dragon ball z and had lost all our saved characters! BAD TIMES!

Tuesday it raned alot! so me and keyleih watched Batman Forever whilst her brother came over and we all started baking Kayliegh and her brother started making vegan cupcakes and i decided i really wanted to make some orange and chocolate cookies! so i ran down the shop and got the ingredients and we made some unfortunatly they rurned out moe like flat cakes but still tasted really good! I met Chris after he finished work and we went to the Japanese resturant again! He had Ramen and i had an amazing Bento box! omnomnom! after we went to the arcade and played a few rounds! i had my arse handed to me alot as chris seems to have elastic wrists haha!
after we wnet for awalk about the city and headed home watched some tv and passed out!
wednesday was 4 bus's a plane and a train for me and then a late shift at work needless to say i slept really well!
if youhave read all of this get up and pour yourself a drink!