Friday, 31 July 2009


So last week i saw Outlast posyt a bullitin saying they had leftover tank tops for sale, being a huge fan of the band and having a day session with a tattooist coming up soon i figured i would treat myself! Turns out Dave from the band had set me one aside already! Awesome! $12 of my money later i had a tank on its way to me soon! by chance i rememberd that the band had a special tpur cover of the tapes they put out recently so i asked Dave if he had any left! He did so another $5 of my money went his way. I love the cover on this tape its so fun! Dave then mentioned that he was going to put a surprise in my order! now heres the thing...i, Fucking, LOVE SURPRISES! So this morning i get a package From Outlast! eager for my surpise i ripped it open and found my tank, tour tape &&& FRIENDS PRESS TAPE!!!
this is something special to me ! its the first "friends press" i have ever recieved! i got number 2/15! Dave said " i figured since you've supported us from the beginning and continue to do so, you deserved one" how nice is that! The best thing about this is the cover! My good mate Jay Jaycoby!!! its clearly a awesome Floorpunch rip! i hope Jay gets one! he deserves to for this art!!

Below are all 3 versions of the tape! All are on white tapes and only the friends press dosnt have an insert!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Reveal the various artists!

Yesterday i recieved my Youth crew 09 comps!!
i have been waiting for these for a good few months now and i honestly thought that they were never going to arrive Upside Down records threw in a copy of the lighten up/ big ups split, havn't had a chance to listen to it yet the art for it is terrible tho!

Onto the comps!
I originaly plaved an order for the comp on Orange /100, black /400 and then Heidi orderd me a test when upside down put some up to help pay the cost of changing one of the pressing plates. Soo all that was about 3-4 months ago? for some reason instead of sending out all the records at the same time they decided to first ship all the US orders and then the international orders. Fair enough i suppose they said about a month & a half ago that all the international orders had been shipped and i was stoked that i would finaly be getting these! quite a few weeks went by and other US orders that i made after these were finally posted arrived before these! i contacted Colby from the label and he said that if they hadnt arrived by the time he was home from tour ( 8 days) he would re send them. so 10 days went by and i contacted him and he asked what i wanted to do, i replied saying i just wanted the records and could he send them again.
i didnt get a reply and oddly the next day the records arrived witha postage date of july 15th (meaning they were shipped when he was on tour), hmm a bit odd but i am happy to have the records.

So the first thing you notice with these is the awesome oldschool cover! very early Rev stick and paste! This carrys onto the labels as well!

This is my "Orange" /100 altho by the looks of the black swirls in it i may have lucked out and gotten a transition! /20 or so

Below is my Test! obviously it is a Rejected test (hence the stamp!) i'm a bit annoyed that i didnt end up getting an accepted test press. The accepted ones had an awesome Decendents rip off sleeve that i would have loved! no matter it wasnt menat to be, prehaps one day i will pick one up with that sleeve!
the rejected test comes with a regular sleeve if you are wondering!

When i placed the order for these records i also orderd the Reveal the Truth demo tape! RTT are an amazing band and have a split 7" coming out on dead end records in november with the immence Outlast!
(not the euro outlast the new american outlast)

I love the RTT art!
altho this tape still feels a bit bare .. must be the blank cassettes!

I also recieved my ticket for Bringing it down and BOLD in london next month!
Bringing it down have had mixed reception from all! I personaly think it will be a good laugh!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Wasting away!

Heres a nice updated picture of my outbreak collection
not 100% but as close as you will see

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Warehouse Edition

Yesterday i recieved the Bridge nine warehouse editions i orderd.
if youdont know about this its pretty weird. Bridge nine on their year long clear out found loads of copys of old releases that had no original sleeves, the releases included Champoin " promises kept" Outbreak "you make us sick" & No Warning "Ill blood" to name a few. WHat they did is screen print some covers and stuck them up on the store for regular LP & 7" prices no varients just the record on any colour they have laying aroud and one of these generic sleeves.
so as you can see i orderd Champion and Outbreak. When i orderd these i had very little money in my bank so i could only get two records. looking back i wish i had the money to get No warning as well, seeing as i already own these 2 records and have no copy of Ill Blood.

I orderd Promises Kept because my Dead & Gone records copy is ever so slightly warped and i was hoping for one of the colour varients of this black..OH WELL!

Champion - Promises Kept - B9 - "Warehouse Edition" black 176/205

& obvioulsy i orderd You make us sick for my near complete Outbreak collection that i need to take pictures of.

Outbreak - You Make Us Sick - B9 - Warehouse Edition yellow/black "swirl" 38/143

Friday, 10 July 2009


Today i recieved my package from Just another day records ! Basicly JAD will be the best Euro label in a few years so make sure youkeep on top of them! Seb & Jasper have ALOT of good bands coming out on them (Overload, Resolve, Freewill...) and have many more in the works that you will want to know about.
A few months ago i was joking with Seb saying that i was going to keep a complete JAD collection. Seb thought this was a fantastic idea and promised that he would help me out in everyway possible even holding records for me if i couldnt afford them when they go up.
with an offer like that i couldn't refuse could i?

A few months down the line and we have JAD's first release..
JAD 4: Debaser - Rich White Boys

the first thing i realised was that the first release is JAD 4 ... hmm going to have to ask Seb about that haha!

any way to the lovely records!

Here are all the regular colors! (and the tour press)
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - blue /100
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - "neon" yellow /110
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - solid orange /87
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - lilac (debaser tour press) /84
The first thing i have to note is that Seb never meant there to be this many varients with this record but the plant messed up slightly. There should be only 3 varients with JAD's future releases ... most anyway.
the first record in this picture that gets my eye is the "Neon" yellow out of 110. its a really intense color and i havnt any others like it! My crappy iphone picture dosn't do it any justice!

While i remember all the records (appart from the tests ) have large holes on purpose to fit in with the old look they were trying to get with the record.

Another perk of Sebs kind offer is that he sent me the Debaser tour colour as well, which woyld have proved a right bitch to get hold of if he hadnt haha!
below is the pre order colour for this release. Its a really nice dark purple that looks almost black unless you hold it to a light.

Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - Dark magenta (purple) 33/107 - pre order "thankyou" stamp sleeve says " JAD loves Youth Crew Alex"

JAD have done somethig i havn't seen before and stamped the sleeve of the pre orders with a thankyou message! its small things like this that people appreciate! i would much rather have this than a differnt sleeve.
My Preorder had a message from JAD

Next up is the Test!

Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - Test in green stamped dustjacket 6/20 "Do not sell me, i belong to "Youth Crew" Alex Whiley"

i dont know if all of the tests JAD dose will have the Green sleeve but is a welcome change from the white ones i have!
As you can see from the record info there is no way i can ever sell this :)
Cheers Seb i love it when my records come personalised!

Now its the oddities turn!
first up!
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - red 2/12 - red stamp on sleeve
the only one of the records to have a stamp this red is completely bloody random!it isnt even close to any of the other colours! so cant be put aside as a plate cleaning incident!
nice colour tho.
Next is
Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - blue/purple 2/7
Haha! just noticed we have Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager in the hole of this record! Amazing!
This is a really nice mix of the light blue and Dark Magenta. Obviously from some dirty plates! looks great to me tho :P

Last but not least... well it is least its the rarest colour of this release so ignore me.

Debaser - Rich white boys - Just Another day - Light blue 5/6

The light blue looks to me like the plant trying to get the mix right ... probably really off with that assumption tho haha!

Heres a picture of all the releases together :D

Cheers Just another day cannot wait for the new Pre orders!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Good day!

OK so another quick update before i go to work.

Remission - Demo 2008
Remission are a fairly new band from Chile! if you are yet to hear this band you need to. The demo i picked up from them is stunning! vocally and musically its right up there with the best!
This tape (on amendment records ) is a preview of the upcoming LP that will be up for order in the coming weeks!

Not Sorry - Demo 2009
Not sorry are and amazing new Seattle straight edge band! i am unsure if there are any members from previous bands, but its a great demo and i look forward to hearing more form these lads!

COMMON CAUSE – Statement Of Purpose – Powered – Clear Blue
MOUTHPIECE – Self Titled – New Age - Black

I got these records from Lin's after seeing them listed at his blog!
They arrived in great time and condition and if you have yet to hear either band you need to get off your arse! Especially if you haven't heard Mouthpiece.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Quick update
Recieved these yesterday!
Very excited to get his package as its from one of (if not THE) best current YC band! I got the package that had all 3 varients (working on getting a test at the moment!) and a awesome shirt thats a collaberation of xslabax and Jay Jacoby!!! my 2 favorite hardcore artists!
I also managed to pick up a copy of the Control 7" great record!

Good mail day all in all!

Pressing info at bottom!!

Alert - Demo 7" - live to live - Black / 200
Alert - Demo 7" - live to live - Clear / 200
Alert - Demo 7" - live to live - Red / 100 (pre order cover)
Control - a step appart - life to live - black /200