Monday, 29 March 2010

The death of Youth Crew Alex (records)

This post will be a little different to my regular ones because i am going to talk about YCAR and to be more specific the Shout Aloud demo 7"!
YCAR was to be my record label and my aim was to put out bands demo's so that tehy could reach a wider audience either in Europe or the states!
My first idea was to put out 2 local bands demo tapes and to get them hear outside of the UK those bands were In this for fun (now Basement) and Dungeons! This was quickly put down when Dungeons announced that they would be breaking up soon. In this for fun (Basement) were still down but needed to record and all i needed was to save up to get things rolling! A little while later i stumbled across the band Shout aloud on myspace, i believe that they were recommended to me by someone who had me added as a friend on myspace at the time. After hearing the band i contacted them and asked if they would want me to do a second run of the tape. The band agreed and seemed excited so whilst In this for fun were recording i got the SA ball rolling!
I contacted my friend Jay Jacoby and asked if he would be up for doing the art work! Jay had done work for bands such as Alert, Outlast and the YCAR logo, i was probably one of his biggest fans! Jay agreed and asked what i had in mind. I believe i asked for something along the lines of " the band with animal heads rocking out" Jay agreed but asked me to supply some reference material and heres what i provided him with :
I cannot remember who is hidden under this eagle head if im honest

on bass is Keith "the eagle" Freeman from Alert
Vitya from Shout aloud is the only one on the cover based on a member from the actual band
on vocals Ryan from Outbreak (i've lost my photoshopped version with the cougar head)

From the reference material Jay sketched out a scene and sent me the rough sketch i believe that the first version had a differnt bass to the one i have here which was later changed to be Sasha from the bands. The band also requested that they be wearing some crucial shirts! here in the sketch you can see Vitya wearing a Uniform choice shirt!

Once i had approved the sketch and the band had as well Jay went ahead and finished the sketch with inks! as you can see a chain and judge shirt were added and the bass was changed slightly!

Jay was also kind enough to contact his friend jym 129 who did Graffiti and ask for some designs for the font on the cover. heres a few of the designs and the one we chose for it in the end:

After we decided upon one of the fonts i set about doing a layout. heres the one i was eventually happy with and the band initially agreed to.

the inner sleeve for my version would have looked like so

The band were keen on having more than one cover so they sent me an image that they liked for a alternative cover and i put that together as well (below)
so after this things went on hold for a little while whilst i got some money together. In this time the band asked a friend to have a go at redesigning the cover and this is what he came up with

the insert:
and reverse of insert
i really liked this design so i approved it and this was to be the regular version with my cover as a pre order incentive.
so a few weeks went by and some stuff happened in my life im not going to go into detail about but it meant there would be no way in hell i could devote the money and time to YCAR that it deserved so i decided that YCAR would be no more until the day that i could afford to do it again.
Luckily during the process of desining etc i had linked Seb from Just another day records to the band and he loved what he heard. Sebs plan was to wait until i had released the tapes and use that as the incentive to press the demo to 7" Seb had even suggested we release them side by side as a joint collaboration! After i told Seb i wouldn't be able to release the tape he put the Demo 7" into production and the rest is JAD history not YCAR.
Seb and the band thought it would be a nice idea to use the demo tape art as the demo test press sleeve. I also get a mention in the sleeve for my efforts and i couldn't be happier that the band have been able to do this.

JAD will be releasing another Shout aloud 7" later in the year! Keep an ear out for that!

The death of youthcrew alex

Friday, 26 March 2010


Just another record? i think not!!!
This has to be the most anticipated records for me ever! What's so spacial about it you ask? Well this is the first record i put out......

ok ok ok so i didn't put it out but i was supposed to put out the demo tape on my (now dead) record label last year before i realised i had no money! When i realised that i wasnt going to be able to put it out i passed the band over to Seb at Just another day and he did what he dose best and remasterd the tracks and pressed it to a 7"!!!
The stand out band of Russia's Youth crew scene Shout Aloud first caught my attention mid 09 and i was determined to get them heard outside of Russia/europe! my intention was to press the demo tape for a second time and market it to those in the UK and USA so the band would get a wider audience! Now that JAD have taken the reins and have pressed it to Vinyl i feel that the band will be heard by even more people than i could have hoped to do with my small run of tapes!


so for a change i thought i would start with the covers!! Above we have the regular cover for this release and its pretty damn nice! its a step away from the regular youthcrew style cover of college font or hooded chaps and i think it really works! printed on great quality card and the same old fflawless quality you come to expect from JAD

Next up is the test press cover! This cover has art from Jay Jacoby and was the art for the demo tapes i was going to put out! below i will put the sketch, final sketch and the layout i designed before this version was decided on! my favourite test press cover of all time!

All art by Jay Jacoby demo tape layout by me

80 copies on white stamped with black ink
this is a really nice white with very subtle blue hints from the plates!

90 copies on solid blue stamped with black ink! a great vibrant blue!

I have 3/17 copies on blue/white mixed vinyl stamped with purple ink and numbered on the labels! this is a very pretty transition from the blue to the white!

4/14 copies on blue/black mixed vinyl stamped with purple ink and numbered on the labels! this record looks simply awesome!!! great looking transition!!



Be sure to keep an eye on JAD this year for Shout alouds first EP!!! i cannot wait to see how this band out do themselves!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Times Together Resolve!

So i've been gona a long while again! Partily due to not much money to spend on records partialy due to not having enough time when i get a few!
As you may have guessed if you have read my blog before this is going to be another post for the mighty Just another day records!
The bands on the block today are Times Together the UKs best and pretty much only youthcrew band! The second release is JAD's first LP by Resolve!!

First up Resolve!! I First stumbled on Resolve through the old Youthcrew thread that was about on the B9 board last year and loved what i was hearing! i picked up their tapes and didnt hear much from them until Seb at JAD said he would be putting out their LP! I was lucky enough to get a early digital copy of the LP and mark my words anyone who is a fan of any YC record lable or year sound will want to pick this up!
Anyway this is a record blog so i will talk about the records now!
This is the Test press for Won't stand by 11/20 As this is the First LP then i suppose it was time for a change in how JAD presented its Tests. With previous releases JAD has just used blank coloured jackets however this is 2010 not 2009 damnit! So lets move forward! Its presented in a hand stamped version of the regular press's sleeve and hand numberd on the back! The record its self comes in a thin plastic sleeve and has a JAD stamp on one side (above) and the Resolve logo on the other (below) Very nice job for the first JAD LP test!

For those who preorderd the record you will be treated to this amazing hand silkscreened cover for the LP! The sleeve is super thick and the quality is fantastic! Mine is numberd 17/80! The vinyl inside this sleeve is the same as the Burgundy in the regular sleeve i talk about below.

Now as i understand it this release was only going to have 2 covers to start with but then Seb from JAD convinced Resolve to let him do a Iron Maiden style trooper cover! and as you can see its turned out very very well! when Seb recieved the original layout for this cover the lyrics were the wrong way round so he sent me the file and i flpped the lyrics and sent it back. Later when i was talking to Kevin from the band i joked that i should have put my name in the thanks list and he agreed! Oh well haha! This is /400

The Vinyl for this is a cool orangy red with black and green splatter. When Seb was talking to the plant about doing this he wanted the plant to do a clear record with confetti in it so it could be the first Jad record ONLY for collectors as it would sound like crap when you played it! obviously either seb or the plant decided not to go through with it and this is the end result!

The last Cover is the regular one Really fantastic qulaity cover! its super thick high quality card and the printing is flawless!

This is the Burgundy /220 is a VERY nice deep clear colour possibly the nicest looking solid colour LP i own!

Lastly this is the Solid green /300 its a very nice pastel green that seems to fit in very well with the overall theam and feel of this record!

Resolve - Won't stand by - JAD - Test press 11/20
Resolve - Won't stand by - JAD - silkscreen cover 17/80
Resolve - Won't stand by - JAD - The Trooper Cover /400
Resolve - Won't stand by - JAD - Burgundy /220
Resolve - Won't stand by - JAD - solid green /300

OVERLOAD - DEMO 2008 - JAD - Blue 3/50

The story for this record is one of great losses! To start with this record was going to be /500 and have around 5 colours! However the plant sent Seb 500 records without letting him hear the record via test press's first and the end result was 500 records that were largly useless! the majority of these were skipping! and to add insult to injury the plant sent seb something in the region of 17 differnt colours of this 7"!!! So having no other choice seb had to Dump 450 records in a skip in belgium and sell the only records that appeared to be in good order! Great demo from a fantastic band!
Another fact for you! I helped edit the art on this release as well!

They say people save the best until last and i have saved my personal favourite JAD release (up to date) for just that!
Times together hold a place in my heart for being the UKs only youthcrew band! Someone once told me that i listen to a genre that died out ten years ago, was worshipped in europe and never reached the UK! To that i just asked "What about Times together?" Full on Wishingwell worship at its best this release is amazing in every single way! The songs you will find on this 7" will make you wish it was a full length! The only problem i can think of is that this record ends far far far to soon!


The cover for this is awesome! its super thick, good quality card and spotless printing!
It helps that i can see 3 people i know in the crowd in the photos haha! even if one of them has their face coverd by James's hand haha!
First up its the White mix 3/11!
The cover for this is the same as all the rest except it is hand numberd on the frount with "White Mix 3/11"

This record is a very faint mauve. its obviously the transition between the purple and the white and its very hard to take a picture of haha!

Green /120 isnt quite solid rather marbled with a slightly darker green!

Believe it or not this is the red/90 i promise that in normal light it is a very nice clear red however because im holding it up to a light it looks orange haha!

The White /180 is a very cool solid white with slight streaks of purple in it! very very slight !
Last of the regular colours is the Purple /110! As you can see its kind of a smokey purple and awesome to the max!

Last but by no means least is my Times Together Changing of the leaves TEST PRESS!! 4/22! Like all the other 7" tests this comes in a plain white sleeve with the JAD test press stamp! the record has the awesome Times together wishing well logo on one side and the JAD logo on the other!

Below is my complete JAD collection! its already huge and its only going to get bigger!!

take my word for it JAD has some INSANELY good stuff coming out Keep an eye out!