Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Right Idea what we believe

Nice little mail day today!

First up is the What we Believe LP by Insted
i havnt heard this LP yet but everything else i ahve heard by Insted i have loved so i see no reason why i shouldnt love this!

the other record i recieved was the repress of the Right Idea "Our World" LP, this was repressed by Bottled up records when Aram from React records asked them to. A fantastic record this time on a 7" thats been made to look like a bootleg!
if you havnt heard right idea do yourself a favour and go listen now!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Dublin times

What can i say about the last week that can justify it?
I really dont know. On sunday i saw my family and my parents gave me my birthday gifts (i turned 21 on wednesday)
a matte black Project Debut MK III!!!!
a lovely Amp that i used to use alot when i lived at my parents and some records and stuff :)
fantastic! couldnt be happier!

On wednesday morning i flew out to Dublin. i was meant to be going with a buddy but due to err unseen circumstances he couldnt make it. so off i went to stansted all by my little self. no worrys caught the flight ok got to Dublin just fine, problem was i had given myself to much time. i arrived in dublin at 11 and finished my tour that Chris had given my by 1 =D (cheers mate)
somehow i managed to find a semi decent veggie resturant haha! (below) and that hit the bloody spot i tell you!

after that i wonderd round a bit got depressed at seeing 9 year olds begging on the street, tried to finds a decent comic store and sat by the river for a good 3 hours haha!
soem time after 5 i got a call from Chris who came and met me at the river :D
Great guy who went well out of his way to help me out! introduced me to pretty much all teh hardcore kids in Dublin i was surprised that there were any after seeing none all day when walking about haha!
found some comic stores and had a nice bowl of chips!
When i got to the show Aram (betrayed,champion,TFS, the vows etc etc etc)walks up to me says hi and wishes me happy birthday. Real stand up dude! was a bit chuffed he recognised me :D
Inside the show i headed straight to the merch stand and got some shirts and the new Rotting out 7" about 10 minutes later i realised that the dude who sold me the stuff was Justin from thunder lizard/Reveal the truth!!! had a nice old chat with him about the RTT 7" and such :D
Betrayed were fucking ace! just like i remember em! Aram hasnt changed in the years since i last saw em play and he was nice enough to get the band and crowd to sing me happy birthday. Justin recorded the audio from the show so as soon as i get it i will post it on here :D
After the show i went back to Chris's house and watched Happy gilmore! fuck i havnt seen that in so long! It was a perfect end to a perfect birthday

I need more Snapple!

some of the stuff i got for my birthday/ at the show :D

sorry for the rushed short update
will update more often i promise and i have some awesome stuff coming in the post to do it with!

Thanks again Chris and co! i think i would have gone mad if i was at that airport any longer than i was haha!