Monday, 20 April 2009

YES! i'm positive and focused!

So heres is my package from Positive and focused records, i am a big fan of this label not because of the bands but because of the Effort Toni p puts into each release! so when i preorderd the new Pressure 7" (with a normal version of the Golden X 7") and found out i was going to get a test press i was excited. In the past Toni has made box sets and such in limited numbers so i was hoping he would again, ... he didn't. However the test covers more than make up for this. its a rip on the SSD the kids will have their say record each cover is stamped and hand numberd ( as is the record with the cover coming with a named/numberd strip!
Very chuffed about the named cover!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Times Forgotten!

Quick post today with what i have received in the last week or so!
not alot since almost everything in my incoming list is a pre order (check bottom of this post)

First up is the React Records Package deal for the Gone but not Forgotten tape and Effort Fanzine (React & GBNF shirts not pictured)
*Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew 08, Demo tape - REACT - /300
GBNF are one of the great new Youth Crew bands that have come to my attention within the last year or so! Fantastic band and i cannot wait for a 7" or LP From them! Tape was released as a one time pressing /300 from React and looks very professional!
I will be The first to admit that i don't buy Zines that often, not to say that i don't at all but they will have to catch my eye for me to fork out the cash for one. Effort Fanzine did just that! it is HUGE! i don't know exactly how many pages it has but t is enough to warrant it having a spine like a magazine instead of the usual staples! The Zine itself is full of fantastic long interviews and pictures! Cannot wait to get a chance to read it!

Below is the 2nd press of the Times Together demo tape /50
this self released tape has been spray painted with the bands name, a rip off of the instead cover and an extra track, it looks rather nice.
I like this band they are pretty much the UK's only youth crew band and i have to respect them for that, its something i want to get going but i don't know many musicians who would want to do it! I have been told that this band talked shit on my old band calling us metal kids or something (perhaps the other members but defiantly not me) anyway that doesn't bother me, dudes still make good music!


*Face Reality - Positive Change - Dead End - Secret pre order color /75
*FC FIVE - Super Bloom
*Fired Up - When The Lights Go Out - Clear Vinyl/??
*Golden X - Positive and focused
*ON - Control E.P. - Self Released - preorder/???
*Pressure - Demo 09 - positive and focused - TEST PRESS
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Blue /40
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Green /60
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Gold /70
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Red /80
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - White /125
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Clear/125
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Transition press/10?
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Transition press/10?
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Transition press/10?
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Transition press/10?
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - Transition press/10?
*Signs Of Hope - Choices Made - Detonate - TEST 1/8 (only one with writing on lables from pressing plant)
*The First Step - "What we know sessions" - Bottled up records - /???
*V/A - Youthcrew 09 - Upsidedown - Preorder orange /100
*V/A - Youthcrew 09 - Upsidedown - Black /400

Records i have been waiting on for months but still hope i get:
*Turning Point - discography
*On - Vital Times - Self Reaeased - White /250
*Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore pride - black/???

*Reveal the truth - Courage