Tuesday, 25 November 2008

something something darkside!

i love the current euro hardcore scene its so youthcrew it hurts and i can bet i havnt heard anywhere near whats out there at the moment!


Something inside - Lionheart - farewell - yellow w/green splatter /197


Thursday, 20 November 2008

where crucial unicorns set it straight?

so this was pretty much the best haul of stuff i have got from one seller on ebay ever!

below are the 3 releases that set it straight have been on (to my knowledge!)
the highlight was getting the LP! not that these releases came out to long ago but they did without my knowledge and when i was on a long break from buying records

so when i got back into the swing of things these sat right near the top of my *to get* list ever since!

no idea the pressing info for the 7"s but isnt crucial unicorn the best name for a band ever


ok its not but it made me laugh!







i love this band so damn much that on monday i did this



Monday, 3 November 2008

Get The Post

Got a nice big package from Crucial Responce today whilst i was feeding my son his lunch!
Heres what it had:

Get The Most - Common Goals - Crucial Responce - green/300
Get The Most - Moment In Time - Crucial Responce - black /1220
Black/White college jacket
a lovely free black flag cloth patch!


Get The Most are a recent find for me but a fantastic one!
i had heard of there label crucial responce a few years back when i was on tour with my old band and one of there bands played onee of the shows i played
the band were one voice, i picked up a long sleeve and a 7" from them and to be fair pretty much forgot about them unfortunatly.

lovely fucking poster with this record! cover is printed on nice thick card as well!

now you are thinking whats the point of that charming little tour tale Alex, well humble reader i have a superb reason! a few weeks ago i was browsing the get the most myspace and listening to there mates and i stumbled upon one voice and crucial responce. so i added them both and thought nothing of it again. then last week they posted a bullitin advertising these fucking amazing jackets which i coulnt resist so i orderd one and picked up these 7" that i wanted!

such a lovely green on this record! marble has to be my favourite of all record styles!

My free patch will find a nice home for this .... not on my jacket!

new jacket/hoodie combo! soooo warm!!!


Finaly you know wheres wally! well lets play wheres Aram! answers ina comment or postcard!


technical difficulties

so dude to me thinking it would be a good idea to indulge my ocd and organise my photobucket a load of the images on this blog no longer work

cant say if or when they will be fixed so in teh mean time use your imagination

Sunday, 2 November 2008

set it straight

i just won 3 records i have been after for years!


so stoked!