Friday, 9 January 2009

You GO! Go-Team Records!

just got a nice lil package from Phil at go-team records!/
dude just added me on myspace like 3 days ago sent me a message sent him one back he asked if i wanted some Cd's of some bands i like and dude sent them out that day and here they are!
what i find hard to understand is why everyone can't be like this with postage!
iv been waiting for some records for months and all i get from them is an email back every few weeks with an explanation this dude pops up and puts them to shame by sending me some ace cd's for free that get here in a day!

SomethingXinside - New steps & new days
Sense of Purpose - Tomorrow's to late
i know it isn't vinyl but free Cd's are just as good Grinning
dude is backed