Friday, 2 October 2009

Just another 2 awesome releases!

haha! Yes the rumors are true Just another day records have released 2 more amazing records and as i just got the last of them in the mail today i am treating you my loyal reader(s?) to a amazing 34!!! thats 34!!!!! record update!!! HOLY SHIT!
So bare with me as i upload about 40 + pictures and write about each one!

first off here is what i got in the post today, its a missing overload 7" i didnt get in my first package, the debaser 2nd press and the new out to sea 7"

OK! first individual record! i will be starting off with the Overload "we live here and now" 7"!!
This record is amazing! flat out brilliant! youneed to go over to Just another days website now and download it! agreed? good!
The pre order colour for this record is a INSANE gold /44 with stamped sleeve. This colour was originaly going to be /88 in tribute to Floorpunch however as with many of the records in this press the plant messed up a little! Pictures dont do this record justice!

Seb the labels owner wrote me messages on the dust jacket!!
"Nevermind my crappy English"
"Hope you dig the records"
"As long pressing plant fuck up JAD will be around"
"Never give up on what you are doing, as long their is porn, no GF is needed"
Record number 2! This is the "Fucked up gold press" 13/15 again pictures don't do this justice! IRL it looks a bit like aged copper! that's starting to go green! very nice! these records are being up in no order but what i will say is that the transitions and pre order came with a different cover to the rest of the records the alternative cover is under the 2nd fucked up gold picture. i will point out if a record is a transition or not.

Black /61 pretty standard black record! cannot go wrong with this will probs play this one the most!

Clear Blue /83 this is a very nice dark clear blue! i love that JAD hasn't gone for a lighter one as i feel this one fits more with the rest of the Overload records in this press!

Bare with me here as there are a few colours in this press that look pretty similar saying that i have taken a picture of them all together and they look pretty different! This is the "olive green" /32 its a really nice solid colour with some hints of black in it!

This is the “army” green marbled /100 again a great colour! i have to say i prefer it to the olive as it doesn't remind me of baby poo as much haha! sorry Seb but the olive green dose make me think of that haha!
Here is where i get a little confused! this is the brown/grayish mixed color /95 this and the purple/ pink look very much a like to me! so much infact that i forgot to take a picture of the purple and took 2 of the brown haha! worry not as i have a picture below with it in and i will review it there!
Here are all the colours that i have gotten a little confused over! the second from the left is the pink/purple mix /74 that i forgot to take a picture off! Next to the brown its very obvious which is which although if you were to hand them to me individually i would struggle to tell them apart!

The White /50 is great as mine comes with some faint black lines in it. there is a transition white with black/grey streaks in it but as the plant messed up Seb decided to only use the very badly affected ones as transitions!
The Clear green /75 is a great dark clear green in the same fashion as the clear blue! a really cool colour!
All copies come with black streaks

The Dark green 13/28 (transition) is a much darker version of the clear and almost looks black! sorry for the lack of more pictures some seem to have gotten lost in the upload!
13/20 numbered copies on marbled blue with a blue JAD stamp (transition. stamp not pictured)
my Blue marbled isn't as marbled as the on eon the JAD website but it comes with the numbered and stamped sleeve and looks alot milkier than the clear blue. very cool.

Another transition for you here is the white marble 13/15 with stamped dust sleeve ( not pictured sorry SEB I'm slacking) personally i love records like this! i would much rather have a press like this than a plain record! i think it makes you feel like you have something special!

The Grey marble 13/31 transition is a mix of the black and the white i think! the plant must have messed up alot to get this! its really cool tho!

Last but not least its the Test press! no message on this one like my Debaser one did still stoked to get it tho! Seb has given this release a red sleeve to match the regular sleeve colour! test was out of 20 but then they sent Seb 4 more so he added them on to the total tests are not numbered.

Complete Overload "We live here and now" collection

Next release is the band that got Seb to start Just another day record! Out to sea are a band i haven't listened to alot but have my respect! Finally i have JAD 001!!

/35 green mix with black stamp! this is a very nice subtle mix of green with red into it! really nice to look at!

The JAD website says this next one is
"38 clear mix with red stamp (various degree in marbling some are streaked with red and green, others are streaked slightly we just toke the most notable ones out and stamped them to avoid any confusion)"
i say its CANDY FOR THE BRAIN! look at this thing its pure fun to look at!

the /200 on red isn't the same red that you got with the Debaser first press! this one is more of a reddy orange and very soft not as harsh as the debaser red! fits in well with the cover art!
this is my green /83 im not 100% sure if they all had black streaks in but mine most definatly did! A nice solid green very much like (if not exactly the same as) the debaser second press green.

last of the regulars is the clear /170! this isnt a completely clear record more like a hazy clear! trying to think of what it reminds me off! no matter! its cool none the less! Finally for this record we have the test press 6/13 no message on this one either! still cool tho yellow sleeve to match the yellow cover!

Complete Out to sea 7" collection!

last release is the 2nd press of the debaser 7" lots of green records :P

there were 2 colors for the 2nd debaser press! and as ususal the plant came back with some amazing transition colors
please exuce the mixed up pictures its very late and im exhausted haha!

first up! its the green /black 6/12 ! the really nice green from the out to sea records with a splash of black on the side !
this next one (White/225) is the whitest record i own! i think! good luck finding a groove on it haha! very nice!

This is the regular green very hulk like and very similar (if not the same) as the Out to Sea green! a great colour! Will it appear in all future JAD releases? Time will tell!
The "Mint Green" is amazing, flat out! It reminds me of some of the colours for the Signs of hope Choices made 7" that i own! The green is alot lighter because of the white and it looks almost like smoke!

My Complete Debaser record collection!
Finally my 100% complete Just Another Day Record collection! I am sure i have said it before but just incase and because it cant be said enough JAD is the best upcomig lable! Seb puts alot of work into each release and trys to make each one special in some way shape or form! i know for a fact that the next few releases from JAD will be extra special and amazing! keep an eye out for 7"s from:
Truth Inside
Shout Aloud
Times Together