Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A sign of hope!

Every so often people get lucky and this month it was my go!
A while ago i sent SOH a message asking them if they had any spare copys of the demo 7" that wasnt pressed any more than the test press /8
The singer Paul (of hope) contacted me a few weeks ago saying he had asked the old guitarist Evan of the band to get in contact with me. later on i got a message over myspace from Evan saying he was willing to let the test go and asked what i had in return. so after a email saying i would pay him or trade about 2 weeks went by with no reply. finaly Evan replied saying i could just have it! no charge just pay for postage! after further investigation it turned out he had a spare demo tape left as well! a test press and a demo tape for $10 !
2 things i never thought i would get hold of for $10!!!
I still cant believe my luck

Signs Of Hope - DEMO '03 TAPE
Signs Of Hope - DEMO - Self Released - TEST PRESS 6/8

and below my SOH collection so far!

Signs Of Hope - DEMO '03 TAPE
Signs Of Hope - DEMO - Self Released - TEST PRESS 6/8
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - TEST PRESS /15
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 1st press SWIRLED BLUE! /108
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 1st press BLUE! /406
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 2nd press US tour 2008 press, BROWN! hard cover /40
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 2nd press US tour 2008 press, BROWN! soft cover /5
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 2nd press US Tour 2008 cover (No For An Answer ripoff cover) numbered "XXXXX" ,swirled black /5
Signs Of Hope - "First And Foremost" - 2nd press European tour press, ORANGE! /75

Monday, 30 March 2009


So it is my understanding that this band is pretty new and i suppose thats confirmed by there self release of this.
Pressure - DEMO '09 - Blue cover, 4/12
First off i gotta say thanks for the thankyou note, i personaly love it when a band takes the time to slip one of these in with an order! Its even better when the note is a sticker that will be going on my record box (will keep the backing still)

From what i can figure out (from pictures etc) there are atleast 3 differnt cover varients for this release. i have seen red, orange and the blue that i recieved, i have no idea what color is the rarest and im slightly curious. anyway i have number 4/12 and im rather fond of it.

The band them selves are a fantastic Euro Youthcrew band from Faro Portugal, fantastic sound! A Euro Champion, without as much melody! Fast to the point and slightly addictive!

More than enough reasons to get the 7" they have coming out later this year!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

HUGE UPDATE! (not as big as Aarons)

First off! Alert Demo tape! 29/100

amazing band just starting to release stuff from america! great youth crew style hardcore!
bringing out a 7" this summer!!!

so whats coming up is pretty much what i orderd from react records last year
Mindset - R.E.A.L.P.O.W.E.R - React - transitions press /45
so i can only assume i got thid due to the problems i had with my order. Makes it all completely worth it however :D super rare record for free ^_^

heres what you get with the Mindset release ag reat little package with a little essay! haha awesome!

Right Idea - our world - react - black /500
fantastic LP great to finaly have it here with me :)

and below are my React mailers Aram seems to go out of his way to make every release he brings out extra special! so when i recieved my package and found my mindset mailer i was over the moon and 2 days later someone said they would send me there lp mailer for postage, one trip to ebay later i have some sweet frames and both these wil be on my wall as soon as i find a hammer!